Road Surfacing in BS West from April 2017

Name / Location Activity Delivery Team
Apsley Close, Bishop’s Stortford Carriageway Resurfacing Carriageway Microsurfacing Framework Contractor
Kent Crescent, Bishop’s Stortford Carriageway Resurfacing Carriageway Microsurfacing Framework Contractor
Chestnut Close, Bishop’s Stortford Carriageway Resurfacing Carriageway Microsurfacing Framework Contractor
Dane Acres, Bishop’s Stortford Carriageway Resurfacing Carriageway Microsurfacing Framework Contractor
Dane Park, Bishop’s Stortford Carriageway Resurfacing (o/s no 10 to o/s no 28, including cul-de-sac) Carriageway Microsurfacing Framework Contractor
Carters Leys, Bishop’s Stortford Carriageway Resurfacing Carriageway Microsurfacing Framework Contractor
Grailands, Bishop’s Stortford Carriageway Resurfacing Carriageway Microsurfacing Framework Contractor

Parking Machine Problems

I have heard that a number of people have had trouble with the Check-in/Check- out new car park machines at Grange Paddocks and now at Elm Rd. Not my remit or areas but, as I’m a meddling so and so when issue cross my path, I have discussed this with the EHC parking team and a fix is being implemented this week. Apparently the issue is with the green ‘renewable energy’ solar power source. It seems 13 out of 70 machines have been prone to not coping with our damp climate (despite them being Swedish) and the tickets have been getting clammy overnight. So, now the manufacturers, at their own expense, are connecting the problem machines to the old fashioned mains so that the tickets can be kept warm and cosy overnight and hopefully, – problem solved!

Children bring local subways back to life

For Immediate Release
31 January 2017

Children bring local subways back to life

Time: 1.30 pm
Date: Tuesday 7 February, 2017

Murals at three subways in the Thorley area of Bishop’s Stortford, which were inspired by pupils from local schools, are set to be unveiled next Tuesday (7 February). This will be followed by a tour of the subways led by county councillor Colin Woodward and accompanied by local children who took part.

Schools closest to the subways were invited by Hertfordshire County Council to submit their chosen entries with the theme ‘all around me’ as inspiration for primary schools. The secondary schools submitted examples from students’ course work.

The work was facilitated by Hertfordshire County Council and its highway contractor, Ringway, who chose Community Clean, experts in restoration, painting and protection of community areas, to create a series of murals.

Councillor Woodward (Bishop’s Stortford West) said: “This is an excellent initiative and a great example of helping young people to play a part and take pride in their area. The designs have been very impressive. The children should be very proud of their achievements and their creations will be admired for many years to come.”

Terry Douris, Cabinet Member for Highways, said: “This initiative is part of Hertfordshire County Council’s Road Safety Team to make our county a safer and more attractive place to live and work. This transformation will definitely make the route to school a brighter and more cheerful one as well as regenerating a dull uninspiring under-path.”

Pupils from Windhill 21, St Michael’s C of E, Thorley Hill, St Joseph’s Catholic and Manor Fields primary schools took part as well as St Mary’s Catholic and The Bishop’s Stortford High School.

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PCSO school patrols

Thought I’d share this for those not on OWL (On-line Watch Link):
Dear Watch Member,
I have been out and about at our local schools carrying out patrols speaking with residents, parents and students about parking, speeding and the use of mobile phones whilst driving.
We take our children to school to keep them safe, so please do not endanger others by careless parking and speeding.
If you need to reply regarding this message, click on this email address:
Stephen Siggers
Police Community Support Officer
Neighbourhood Watch
Tel: 01707 354192

Why not consider making a difference in your community….?

As December is drawing to a close and with 2017 on the very near horizon, many people have already made their New Year’s resolutions. If you haven’t yet decided what your resolutions should be, why not consider making a difference in your community by joining Hertfordshire’s Special Constabulary?

Become a volunteer police officer (Special Constable) with Hertfordshire Constabulary and you could kick off your year by doing something rewarding and exciting while developing a wide range of skills – all through dedicating at least 16 hours per month. Read the rest of this entry »

The Sustainable Transformation Plan (STP) for Health

Healthier Future Plan Summary, December 2016,
Currently about £3.1 billion per year is spent on health and social care in Hertfordshire and West Essex. The funding gap is forecast to reach more than £550 million per year by 2020/21
To find out more about the STP and proposals for the next five years for health in Herts and to have your say, visit . Follow on social media @HWEfutureSTP

Mark Prisk, MP, letter to E Herts Council regarding the pre-submission District Plan

Good to see BS content in our MP, Mark Prisk’s letter to E Herts Council regarding the pre-submission District Plan:
Each town in my constituency has notable bottlenecks, not least along the A414 through Hertford, the A1184 through Sawbridgeworth, the town centre of Ware and the Hockerill Lights junction and town centre of Bishop’s Stortford. Indeed the recent ClientEarth study shows that Bishop’s Stortford NO2 levels are nearly twice the statutory level.
There is therefore an urgent need for substantial improvements to local roads, alongside provision for alternatives to car travel. These 3 plans need to be agreed before the larger schemes commence in Bishop’s Stortford, Ware, Sawbridgeworth and at Gilston.

Chapter 5. Bishop’s Stortford
I am aware of concern amongst local people and councillors that the town is expected to absorb a substantial proportion of the total development. People want to understand whether the cumulative effect of the various schemes has been correctly assessed and that they can be sure the additional infrastructure and public services will be in place, in time. Some residents are also very concerned at the loss of Green Belt land at Whittington Way.
Transport is of particular concern with a number of issues: the bottleneck at Hockerill Lights and the levels of reported air pollution; the capacity of the road network along Link Road/Dane Street and around the station; the location and provision of parking; the provision of public transport to alleviate congestion and the ability of any new residents at the sites on the former ASRs to be able to get in and out of the town.
I would therefore want to see a comprehensive response to these issues by the Highways Authority and you as Planning Authority. I would like to know from you how you intend to ensure that the planning gain conditions the Plan sets for developments, will be secured. I am quite willing to assist in any discussions needed with other agencies like Hertfordshire Highways, or indeed central Government, but I need to be satisfied that you have a clear plan for securing these improvements.
The full letter is on Mark Prisk’s website.

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Entering the New Year with choices …Flyer Jan 2016, ‘In the blue corner’

Perhaps we may take some encouragement from the writings of Arnold Bennett if our New Year Resolutions have already wobbled? “The chief beauty about time is that you cannot waste it in advance. The next year, the next day, the next hour are lying ready for you, as perfect, as unspoiled, as if you had never wasted or misapplied a single moment in all your life. You can turn over a new leaf every hour if you choose.” Of course choices have constraints and consequences and this is true of organisations as well as individuals.

All three of our levels of council: Town, District and County, have presented us with choices through significant public consultations in 2016 and we shall see the consequences of those choices evolve through 2017 and beyond. Constraints of funding are amongst the challenges for councils. Read the rest of this entry »

District and County councils are very open …, Flyer 2016, “In the blue corner”

Please click on the link for this article: Flyer Dec 2016 Both District and County councils are very open to public contributions to shape policies and budgets

“Community minded individuals and groups …”, Flyer Oct 2016, “In the blue corner”

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